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Do you "Pay it Forward"?

With the holidays quickly upon us, I'm asking the question "how do you pay it forward"? There is the tried and true method of paying for someone else's purchase in line behind you; handing out blankets, scarfs, gloves to homeless people; maybe even serving dinner at a shelter.  With the many blessings in life, we can too quickly forget the "less fortunate".  Some of my family and friends recently visited more then a handful of adult living facilities and distributed donated gifts collected by the Salvation Army.   I have heard of savvy shoppers who have been using their abilities to pass on their savings/freebies to shelters or food banks.  My son's school held a holiday store, where donated items were all sold for .25 cents.  It gave the kids an opportunity to buy gifts for their family members, as well as raising some much needed funds for school activities.  My family and I have been putting together a bag for the food bank.  It may not be much, but every little bit counts!  I would love to hear what everyone else is doing!  Maybe we can inspire each other with ideas to help others.
....ready, GO! :)


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