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$53 worth of groceries for $1.14?!

Yes, yes it's true!  And you can get this deal too!  If you live where Safeway delivers you can score $50 worth of groceries for as low as a $1.  The first requirement is to go to and enter your zipcode to see if they deliver to your address.  The second requirement is that you must be new to delivery.  So if this is your first time using the delivery service LISTEN UP...  

First of all go to and set-up an account.  You will get $9 cash back from using this site to do your shopping at (as well as many other rebates/discounts or other online stores),AND a $5 sign up bonus.  So just go here and either login or sign-up.  
           **If this is something you are not interested in signing up for you can still get a heck of a deal with alone.  Your total will just end up being more like $10 though.

Once you have logged in at the top of click on Online Stores and under "S" find the Safeway link they provide.  After you have arrived at there is a "Free Delivery" link on the right-hand side that you need to click on.  You will then have to set-up or login to your account.  

After you are through all of those steps, its time to fill up your cart.  Click on the Online Savings tab on Safeway's website. Once you have arrived you should see a link on the left-hand side that says Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO), click there.  You will then need to add $50 worth of BOGO items to your cart.   Make sure they are only the BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE items.   After adding those items proceed to checkout, when prompted to enter promo codes input CJSAVINGS.  This code will give you $15 off and FREE DELIVERY!

So in the end you will be receiving:  $50 WORTH OF BOGO
                                                             -$25 off for BOGO
                                                             -$15 off for CJSAVINGS
                                                             -$9  off for ShopAtHome 
                                                            $1 final amount you pay

Please note that ShopAtHome will not directly come off of your Safeway receipt, it's a rebate site and you can cash out at least $20. 

Also note that I have PERSONALLY done this deal and it does work!  Please note that your confirmation email will say the entire amount of your bill.  It will not contain the promotional offers, or the BOGO free offers.  Have faith though it will come through on the final receipt, and the delivery man will personally show you the total. 

Thank you to HIP2SAVE and HOT COUPON MOMMA'S for the head's up on these amazing deals. 

I personally bought all lean ground beef and thin-sliced chicken breasts.  I got about 8 lbs of beef and about 4-5 lbs of chicken.  It came during the time they had allotted me and my bill from was $10.14.  Can't beat that folks!

NOTE:  This also works at Safeway's sister stores Vons or Genuardis.

UPDATE:  I also received my $9 back on


Amy said...

TOO BAD THEY AREN'T EVEN LOCATED IN SOUTH FLORIDA; closest is Tallahassee, and that is an 11 hour drive lmao! (BOO)

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