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I just ran across this article on Facebook and I am DEFINITELY going to send some cards.  Check out the article and see if you too can help Max, who is fighting leukemia, get a million cards.  Something so simple but means so much to this little man!  Go HERE to find out more or to get Max's mailing address.

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Custom Nursing Covers

Are you a breastfeeding mom or have a friend or family member that is?  Well this is for you, breastfeed in public without fear of exposure!  I am now taking orders for custom nursing covers.  If you breastfeed you know what a hassle it can be to try and keep a blanket draped over you and baby.  Whether baby is tugging at the blanket or the blanket just does not stay put, it can result in the exposure of your breast to those around you. I know all to well how embarrassing that can be!  Why not have your hands free with one of my nursing covers?!   My nursing covers feature an adjustable strap that goes around your neck to help keep your breasts and baby covered at all times.  My nursing covers are two-sided and feature a flannel back to keep your little one warm on cold days and to give you someplace to wipe up their messy milk face.  Custom nursing cover's start at $20 plus shipping.  Please contact me at or at my Facebook page South Sound Jem's to get your quote today!!

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Custom Boppy Covers

I am currently taking orders for Boppy nursing pillow covers.  We can make a Boppy cover to match your little's ones nursery, to showoff your favorite sports team, or even showcase your/there favorite cartoon character, generally  whatever your heart desires!   I have made a Strawberry Shortcake cover, a Seahawks cover, and a girlie rock and roll themed cover, to name a few.  These Boppy covers are completely customizable and start at a low $20 (plus shipping).  The covers can increase in price depending on the fabric/material used.  These covers are removable and washable. I can make a Boppy cover with any fabric and any pattern.   Please contact me at or on my Facebook page at  South Sound Jem's for a quote, if you are interested in a Boppy cover for your little one!

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Time flies when you're....

Wow, I can't believe it has almost been a month since my last post.  I am so sorry!!  This pregnancy has been kicking my bootie.  Most days even thinking about sitting at the computer makes me ill.  I have definitely been sick and tired, and I am SO very sick of it.  I hold onto the joy of what will come of these months of being sick though, and I cannot wait!  Hopefully in about a months time we will know what baby #3 is and I will have my energy back.  Until then I will continue to trudge on and fill my time with crafting cute stuff for baby to be. 

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If you have a nursery you are setting up, or any little girls room, check out these CUTE picture frames from Right now they are only $5 and shipping is always only $2.  If you sign up now you can get a $10 credit, just for signing up!  Making a set of these frames FREE!  If you are interested in joining just go HERE to sign upHurry these are daily deals and this will only be available until 11:59am PST or until sold out.

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SWAG CODE!! Good until 4pm PST!

There is a Swag Code good for 6 swagbucks and the code can be found on the Swag Store's twitter feed. I found it by clicking the twitter button in the chat bar at the bottom of the Swagbucks homepage. I scrolled down the Swagbucks twitter feed to find the Swagstore's twitter and then clicked that and looked through Swagstore's recent tweets. You can also go to my Swagbucks widget located at the bottom of my blog and click on the "SC" button for Swagcodes and it will tell you where to go. 

Join Swagbucks HERE if you haven't already!

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Do you shop online? Would you like a rebate?

We are all skeptical of online companies claiming big promises, I was very skeptical of panning out. It turns out I had nothing to worry about! It has been a GREAT site! I am nothing but pleased and just received my first rebate check. If you shop online and you are not using a rebate site, you are really missing out!
To get started using for your rebate site visit HERE

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