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Custom Nursing Covers

Are you a breastfeeding mom or have a friend or family member that is?  Well this is for you, breastfeed in public without fear of exposure!  I am now taking orders for custom nursing covers.  If you breastfeed you know what a hassle it can be to try and keep a blanket draped over you and baby.  Whether baby is tugging at the blanket or the blanket just does not stay put, it can result in the exposure of your breast to those around you. I know all to well how embarrassing that can be!  Why not have your hands free with one of my nursing covers?!   My nursing covers feature an adjustable strap that goes around your neck to help keep your breasts and baby covered at all times.  My nursing covers are two-sided and feature a flannel back to keep your little one warm on cold days and to give you someplace to wipe up their messy milk face.  Custom nursing cover's start at $20 plus shipping.  Please contact me at or at my Facebook page South Sound Jem's to get your quote today!!


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